Because only together we can

build a world where all youth are safe, strong & valued

To be a world renowned, and globally respected NGO, that uplifts disadvantaged communities, and people, in partnership with the private and public sectors we operate in.



Township Business Development

Businesses don’t only operate in cities – there are many young entrepreneurs eking out a living in rural areas. We have township business development programmes which are ideal for corporate sponsors who want to have a positive impact on these township communities. These programmes are designed to ensure maximum local economic development with minimal infrastructural investment.


Uplift your economy

We drive entrepreneurship and local economic development on a country, city or community level. We work with development agencies, DFIs, multinationals, NGOs, large local and international corporates, amongst others, to design and implement business incubation and entrepreneurship programmes to suit local conditions.


Who we are  | Projects 4 Peace

PROJECTS 4 PEACE NGO, is an organization that empowers the youth, and disadvantaged communities. Through education, small business development training, and assistance with business funding for new start-ups and SMMEs. We work hand in hand with communities to solve the triple challenges we face in South Africa, which is unemployment, inequality and poverty.

Our Mission

To be the NGO of choice, that community members throughout South Africa, and beyond our borders, feel inspired by. We want to enable economic growth using education as the cornerstone of our programs. Projects 4 Peace will be the champions of the poor, and the disadvantaged communities we operate in. We plan to provide solutions that support communities and protect the planet.

Waste Recycling Plants

We helping communities with setting up recycling plants in their communities where they create a thriving business economy by buying all recyclable waste materials which we arrange bulk buying from an individual or cooperative, or community companies. Please contact us for this easy to start business project.



support us and change communities

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